I’ve placed an order, now what happens?

On receipt of your order, we will email you to confirm all your order details within 24 hours of ordering, please check through your order as an mistakes or issues cannot be rectified 48 hours after ordering.

I’m wanting to place and order via website, but have a few questions about the item.

We recommend if you have any questions, or initial queries about our products, that it is best to call 0330 124 4736

I still have a balance remaining after my order, what do I need to do?

All items will remain the property of KC Sofas Limited until they have been paid for in full. All orders must be paid for within 28 days of arrival into our warehouse at which point your order will be stored free of charge for an agreed reasonable amount of time. If for any reason the goods cannot be paid for within the time frame stated, then storage fees may apply.

Who delivers my new furniture?

Depending on your postcode area, deliveries are either made by our own in house professional two-man delivery crew or by one of our 3rd party delivery partners.

How will I be notified about delivery?

Once the items are at our warehouse you will get a notification to say it has arrived. If the full balance has been paid within 7 – 10 working days you will get a 2nd notification with a date and time slot, there you can either confirm or reject that slot. If rejected, we will be back in contact to arrange a new date and time. If order is being delivered by Rhenus or other 3 party delivery team, you will be contacted by them directly once they have your items at their distribution centre.

What if I need to cancel/change my delivery slot?

You would need to notify KC Sofas via our Customer Services team via email cs@kcsofas.co.uk or call on 01909318245 at least 72 hours before delivery. If you contact us to cancel within 72 hours of delivery, you would be charged a £79 re-delivery fee.

My order has been delayed and I don’t have anything to sit on!

Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen events can occur which can lead to your items being delayed. Hopefully this normally won’t cause that much issue, but if you have already had your old items removed then we can help. Depending on your situation and the length of time of the delay, we may be able to give you a loan sofa whilst you wait. This is done via a case by case basis and is purely a gesture of goodwill on our part, and any furniture loaned would need to eventually be returned to us in the same state as its arrival. Any damages to the loan sofa would be subject to a charge.

My new furniture won’t fit through my door!

Size and access are a customer responsibility, you will have been sent links and terms and conditions that both state you need to check your access before delivery and shows you how to properly do this. If the furniture will not go in, our delivery team will contact our Customer Services team whilst they are there, to go through the available options you can take. If delivery is by Rhenus or 3rd party, then depending on the item, it may be left with you to get it in yourself or will be taken back to the distribution centre. Our Customer Services team will speak to you regarding all available options.

My new furniture will fit through a different access point.

This will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Our delivery crew will not perform any deliveries that risk their health and safety or property/goods damage. We recommend reading the size and access instructions and removing all potential hazards from and beyond the entry points. If the delivery crew feel their safety is at risk, they have the right to reject the delivery and can then either leave the items for you to bring in or re-deliver it at a later date but a re-delivery fee will be payable by the customer.

I’ve made an order and now wish to cancel before delivery!

If you cancel your order within 48 hours, you will be refunded the full amount of the order. However, if you cancel after 48 hours you will be charged 20% of your order total (minus delivery and any care plan purchases).

I’ve made an order and now wish to cancel after a delivery!

As the items you requested have been made and an attempt to deliver to you, there would be a restocking fee of 25% of your order, plus depending on location, you may be required to cover collection costs of 15% per item, up to a maximum of £300.  Much would depend on your reason for cancelling. If it is a store purchased item, cancelling your order can only take place at point of delivery eg. Won’t fit into your property. The items will then be taken back to our warehouse. We do not accept cancellations after you have signed for delivery. If it is a website or phone order and you have not physically seen the items before delivery, you have 14 days to reasonably cancel, restocking and collection charges will be applied. Any questions regarding cancellations please contact our Customer Services team.

I have changed address before delivery, who do I need to tell?

If you have moved address before delivery, ideally at point of sale the showroom staff should have been notified as this may invalidate any credit agreement and may result in the cancellation of your order and charges taken from your balance. In any circumstance, it is best to contact our Customer Services team who can update your records and inform the delivery crew of this new address.

Will you take my old sofa away?

KC Sofas will not be able to remove any of your old items upon delivery, however we have now partnered with both the British Heart Foundation and Clearabee, both can look at taking away your old sofa.

The BHF would require a level of suitability and item condition before taking and would be best to contact them on 0808 250 0030.

With Clearabee we have made it easier for their customers to dispose of their old sofas and chairs. When customers purchase a new sofa, corner sofa or chair, they can request Clearabee to remove their old furniture. The process is straightforward and convenient. All you need to do is contact Clearabee and let them know that they would like their old furniture removed. Clearabee will then arrange to pick up the old furniture at a time that is convenient for the customer.

KC Sofas customers get a preferential rate with Clearabee. Proof of purchase will be required to obtain the special pricing. This is all easily booked via the Clearabee website https://www.clearabee.co.uk/partners/kc-sofas

I’ve had a personal issue and cannot pay the full amount of my order, what can I do?

Don’t panic or worry, depending on circumstances and amount owed, we can hold onto the furniture for a period (no more than 6 months). This would need to be discussed with our Customer Services team and is dealt with on a case by case basis. If agreed to hold the furniture, you will not be charged extra for this.

My new sofa is making a sound (noises, creaks etc), is this a fault?

Hearing slight creaks and noises on new furniture is nothing to be worried about. As the furniture is brand new, and has a frame built from wood, may have metal springs, and other moving parts, and has parts rubbing against each other, it is completely normal for it to make slight sounds during its first few weeks during the normal settlement period. Over a period of time, this should reduce. However, if you are worried about this, especially after a few weeks, please contact our Customer Services team.

My seat cushions don’t seem as plump as they did before, is there anything I can do for this?

Yes there is, with usage the seat cushion interiors can start to compress and this will cause the seats to flatten. This is normal and to be expected, the best way to improve this is to make sure the seats are rotated, if possible and that you use your sofa evenly. If your seat cushions can be removed, try regularly plumping them and rotating (please see guides for this above). For seat cushions that are fixed you would need to apply firm pressure to the sides and front, this will encourage the fillings back into place and plump your seat cushions back up. The same will apply to formal back cushions and pillow back cushions.

There are marks/scars on my leather sofa!

Don’t worry, this is a perfectly natural characteristic of real natural leather. Natural leather will sometimes show marks and scars, as this is an authentic hide from an animal. Like with any scarring, the skin will have healed, and the scar tissue will be more dense and stronger than before, so there is no worry that these marks are weakness in the material. As no 2 leather hides are the same, this distinct quality will add a more natural and individual presence to your furniture and will show its quality and authenticity.

My new sofa looks great! But I think it looks slightly different from the showroom/website model I’ve seen?

Whilst we make every effort to ensure there is a consistency of colour and material, slight variations can occur. Due to the nature of digital photography some colours may appear slightly different online (this can also depend on the device in which you using to browse our website)

All dimensions are approximate and are given to us by the manufacturer. Each sofa / sofa bed / chair / footstool is handmade and so a small discrepancy may happen (please allow a tolerance of +/- 4cm). The same

applies to colour, e.g. Due to the nature and process of dying leather, there may be slight variants of shade, but these will not be drastic.

I have an issue with my item, what should I do?

We will always work with you to get the best possible outcome. As there are many variables to consider eg, whether in warranty, type of issue, age of product, issue that’s occurred etc. The best thing to do is to take any photographic and/or video evidence as soon as possible and contact our Customer Services team, who will log all the information and advise on what can be done.

I have accidentally damaged my items and have Staingard, what should I do?

Any Staingard claims need to be raised directly with Staingard, either via https://myfurnitureinsurance.co.uk/# or 01384 473017.

I have accidentally damaged my items and don’t have Staingard, what should I do?

We would advise to contact our Customer Services team directly to discuss, as we may still be able to help source and provide any materials and labour required at a cost to the customer.