Leather sofa care

Leather sofa care

At KC Sofas, we offer a wide range of leather products. Armchairs, 2 seaters, 3 seaters corner sofas and footstools. We want all our customers to be extremely satisfied with their purchase and keep their new sofas looking their very best for longer. We’ve put together a few simple tips on how to look after your new leather sofa.

Leather is a natural product and although its known for being very tough and hard wearing it does require a certain level of care to keep it looking and performing to its fullest.  

Real leather sofas like the genuine Italian leather sofas range from us here at KC Sofas are created using a 100% natural product, no man-made materials are used like cheaper imitation alternatives. I think we sometimes forget that leather is animal skin. Like human skin, unless regularly moisturised it can crack and peel over time.

We stock LeatherMaster professional leather care kits to help you look after your new leather sofa. These kits contain products for the regular care and treatment of aniline and pigmented leather (not suede/nubuck). The leather care kits contain two important elements:

Soft Cleaner Cloths – A gentle but effective leather cleaner. Great for general cleaning and cleaning most everyday spills and stains.

Protection Cream Cloths – an easy to use cloth impregnated with a water-based protector for all grain leather types including anilines, semi-anilines, pigmented and corrected leathers. The unique formulation provides a truly remarkable performance, by placing an invisible barrier on the surface of the leather, protecting it against water and oil based stains. It will also make the cleaning of everyday soiling easier, as well as dramatically reduce the problems caused by grease and perspiration through direct skin contact.

How to use the LeatherMaster care products

First you need to clean any built up soiling, stains and oils from your sofas. Remove the LeatherMaster soft cleaner cloth from its foil packaging and gently wipe the cloth across the area to be cleaned in a circular motion applying even pressure. Repeat this process if your sofa is heavily soiled. Let your sofas dry for at least 30 minutes.

Secondly you need to apply the Protection cream to create an invisible protective barrier against soiling and to moisturise your leather and keep it supple. Remove the LeatherMaster Protection cream cloth from its foil packaging. Wipe the cloth across the surface of your leather in a circular motion ensuring even distribution (don’t miss any spots and leave them un-protected) Allow the protection cream to dry for 30 minutes before continuing to enjoy your genuine leather sofas.

Most furniture manufactures recommend this process be done on day of delivery and repeated at least every 6 months. Protecting your new sofa from day of delivery and keeping it looking and performing to its absolute best for longer. LeatherMaster care products can be purchased in any of our retail stores or online. Ask our sofa experts for more advice on caring for your new leather sofas.

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