KC Sofas Stores Opening June 1st - Including Sundays!

KC Sofas Stores Opening June 1st - Including Sundays!

KC Sofas set to open from 1st June – Including Sundays!

We will be opening our stores and other departments on Monday June 1st when “other shops” are potentially allowed to open as per the Government rules during the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK. This will also include the addition of Sunday opening.

We have seen many other furniture companies going against the government guidance and re-opening their stores this week. These companies are breaking the lockdown rules set out by the government. 

Despite the extreme demand from customers for us to reopen our stores sooner we feel it would be morally wrong and irresponsible to go against the Government’s rules.

We are currently actioning our Covid-19 risk assessment and making all the necessary adjustments to ensure that our stores are safe for customers and staff members upon our return. It is extremely important that this is done correctly and not completed without foresight.

More information on the adjustments made to our stores and processes to ensure we are fully Covid-19 secure will be published next week. 

We are looking forward to welcoming customers back to our stores very soon.

Stay safe, 

The KC Sofas Team

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