KC Sofas open their 4th store in 4 years in Doncaster!

KC Sofas open their 4th store in 4 years in Doncaster!

KC Sofas, the new kids on the sofa block have recently opened their 4th shop at Kirk Sandall Networking Centre, just across from Plumb Center.

KC Sofas have been making waves all over Yorkshire and Lincolnshire with their unique selling points which makes them a very appealing alternative to the usual suspects on the high street.


Speaking to their founder Jamie Charnock, he explains the secret to their success:

 "We work out of smart industrial units away from the high street meaning we can offer our customers far more value for money than what you can get on the high street”.

 Asking him about their unique selling points, he explained:

"First of all, we give all our customers free foam seating as standard unlike our competitors. We also have something for everyone from budget ranges right up to complete Italian leathers. We have over 100 ranges and as many as 100 colour and material options per range with many of these ranges having custom made size options. This is great for customers who have a very large room to fill or very tight spaces, we can do anything. Everything we do is for the customer’s benefit so being able to give the customer exactly what they want is great for us".

I then asked him about their impressive reviews:

"We have built a very good reputation over the past 4 years due to our friendly, non pushy sales staff, quality sofas and all-important delivery team and aftercare service. As a result we have over 1500 reviews on our social media, and with David’s team at LoudCrowd Agency our website has over 160 Google Reviews.


This has helped us get onto page 1 of Google and as a result, before LoudCrowd’s help, we had no referrals from google, but now 45% of our traffic comes from Google searches.”

 To find out more about KC Sofas Castleford, Sheffield, Lincoln and of course Doncaster visit them on Facebook, Twitter or their website www.kcsofas.co.uk and see what you can save!


Unit 1,

Network Centre,

Doncaster Road,

Kirk Sandall,



Open Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm. Closed Sundays.

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