Fibre Seats Vs. Foam Seats

Fibre Seats Vs. Foam Seats

You’ve probably never asked yourself what the sofa which you are sitting on is made from. However, the situation is very different when it comes to buying one. Are fibre seats better than foam seats or the other way around? This is a question which practically every shopper looking for a new sofa asks, so let’s find the answer. Here is a comparison of the two options based on three major criteria: comfort, maintenance and durability.

Comfort’s a Priority

The sofa in your living room is more than just a piece of furniture. This is where you relax, enjoy your favourite shows on TV and play games with your family. That is why you cannot compromise on comfort. How do the two types of seats compare in this category?

The high-density foam seats are naturally firmer compared to their fibre-filled counterparts. This means that you won’t sink when you sit down and feel as if you are practically trapped. You will enjoy the body support which makes you feel comfortable and at ease. When you lie down for a nap, you can expect reliable spinal support which will help you get the best possible rest.

Fibre seats, on the other hand, have plenty of air trapped between the fibres. When you sit, the air is pumped out and your bottom may end up well below your knees. This is hardly a comfortable sitting position as your back cannot get proper support either. When you lie down, the sinking is most likely to be even deeper.

How about Maintenance?

Because of its structure, foam doesn’t change its shape after people have sat on the cushions, even for many hours. You can forget about fluffing and pumping the seats every time after you get up. You will also not have to worry about them getting creases and permanent wrinkles. Yes, your sofa will look awesome for years to come without any special care. Since foam doesn’t trap dust or other particles, cleaning is quick and easy and always produces excellent results.

Since the air between the fibres of the fibre seats is gone once you sit down, you will have to fluff them so that they can regain their shape. They won’t bounce back immediately. Annoying, right? What’s more, they will require more frequent cleaning. Weekly vacuuming is considered mandatory. Can you commit to providing this kind of maintenance?

Durability Matters

Given its nature, high-density foam is greatly resistant to wearing as well as to sagging. You should not expect it to flatten or to change its shape in any other way over time. It practically has no enemies, so to speak. It cannot get damaged by spilled water and other liquids commonly used by households. For all these reasons, sofas with foam seats can last for decades and offer the same kind of comfort as on day one.

At the same time, fibre seats are not as tough as their foam counterparts. Fibres are thin and not very closely packed together. This naturally speeds up the rate of wearing. That is why it is common for fibre seats to get ever flatter as time passes.


Foam seats win based on all three criteria and with a much higher score. That is why you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that they usually come as an upgrade worth £200+ on the high street. There’s no room for disappointment, however. At KC Sofas, we have foam seating as a standard feature. In fact, we use only high-density foam which is of the highest quality. The best part is that all our sofas come at no hidden extra cost. It’s already included in our amazing everyday prices. Don’t miss out!

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