Chesterfield Sofas - Be aware of cheap imitations!

Chesterfield Sofas - Be aware of cheap imitations!

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At KC Sofas we always pride ourselves on great service. But also great quality. Allowing our customers to make a truly informed decision when purchasing new furniture. To help them find a quality sofa, at an affordable price.

Chesterfield sofas are extremely popular and bring sophistication to any living space. But not all Chesterfield sofas are the same. Hopefully by the end of this article you will be able to tell the difference between a full Chesterfield and a cheap imitation. 

A “demic” Chesterfield is an Imitation. Made cheaply by using waste materials, offcuts of leathers are stitched together. The pieces can even be different colours which are eventually sprayed over to look the same. These are used in conjunction with bi-cast leathers on the backs of products. There is very little backfill in the upholstery process and foams are low-density quality. There are no folds in the leathers. This can easily be detected by inquisitive fingers.

It is likely that the frames are also inferior, not beech hardwood, but more usually imported rubberwood, and legs can even be resin, not wood at all. Studs are normally in strips for speed and the workers are often paid “piece work” so attention to detail is poor. These products can usually but not always be recognised by a single row of buttons across the bottom of a sofa or chair, a row of stitching predominantly down corners of the furniture, studding is often not in straight lines. The most common products are on eBay – a regular outlet.

The object in producing a Demic Sofa is not to achieve quality but to produce for the lowest price to sell at the lowest price. The real problem with demic sofas though will only become apparent over time. After a couple of years, the stitching can pull and work loose allowing the ingress of dirt and grime and the leather can rot from the inside. The surface coating can break up.

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By way of comparison, a genuine Quality 3 seater Chesterfield Sofa made with first class materials, full hides with folds will retail between £1200 and £1700. Depending upon its specification. A demic leather sofa can be sold between £300 and £700! This can be a very false economy in the medium term. Reputable Companies like ourselves do not offer demic Chesterfields.

At KC Sofas our leather Chesterfield sofas are 100% leather all over. Upholstered using only full hide leather, even on the side and backs on our Chesterfields. Frames are constructed from beech hardwood. The deep buttons are individually pleated during the manufacturing process for a classic chesterfield look and feel. Seats are filled using high-density foam that retains its shape throughout the lifetime of the product.

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Not a fan of leather? No Problem! We now offer our Chesterfield sofas in many fabrics. From heavy woven robust chenilles to leather style microfibers. Our fabric Chesterfields are fully sprung on the back and have serpentine springs in all seating areas. If you’re looking for a Chesterfield sofa then you’re in the right place!

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