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Furni Glides (Pack of 4) Accessories- KC Sofas

Furni Glides (Pack of 4)

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Supplied in packs of 4. We only stock the 29mm size self adhesive type. Most items of furniture have 4 feet. So you would need one back of 4 for each piece of furniture. Please check your requirements before ordering. 

Check out this video demonstration? Here, we show just how small and un-obtrusive Furni-Glides are, how easy they are to install and how much easier and stress free they make moving your sofa.

Just like every object in your living room, moving or re-arranging your sofa can subject it to large amounts of damage if not handled correctly. Not only that, but any damage to the frame can void your warranty. Moving around a sofa can easily resort to dragging it across the floor, which easily damages the frame and also scratch your flooring. There is, however, a way to protect both your floor and sofa when re-arranging.

We have what is called ‘Furni-Glides’, these allow for the easy transportation of sofas across a room through the installation of a smooth surface on the bottom of your sofa. It’s simply a Teflon or PTFE based silky-smooth material that allows your sofa to glide across a room’s flooring (also making it much easier to move around), so no more worrying about creating damage to your sofa or your floors!

Another benefit of Furni-Glides is just how unnoticeable they are. They do not detract from the look of your sofa, so there’s no need to worry about them making your sofa look bad. They can also be removed quite easily due to it being glue based rather than screwed in, so if you change your mind there’s always a choice.

If you’re interested in these, just simply let us know when you’re ordering your sofa and our friendly, expert delivery team can install them for you. We highly recommend them for peace of mind when moving around, but don’t worry if you’re unsure; the Furni-Glides can be installed at any time to almost any sofa and we have plenty of demonstrations available for you to watch and make up your mind.

Don’t delay – Furni-Glides help protect your investment, especially if you’ve bought a sofa that you plan on moving around and having for a long amount of time. The smooth surface prevents any chance of scratches or damage and makes moving easier than ever, so you’ll never have to worry ever again.

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