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Sectional Sofas in Bradford

If you live in a flat, a new build or any property with limited access into your residence then maybe our sectional sofas may be just the thing you have been hunting for. For a small charge, we can produce many of our sofas designs as sectional pieces. From a two-seater sofa in separate sections to a massive corner constructed from individual seat sections. When a sectional sofa is manufactured in our own factory we create the seats as separate sections that can be easily clipped together in your own home. This means that however limited your access is into your home you won't have to settle for little pieces of furniture. Look through our tremendous range of styles and find the one you love, tell us your access requirements and let our sofa specialists do the rest!

Each and every one of our sofas and chairs is offered in a broad selection of colours with matching accent patterned fabrics. A lot of our sofas are created at our very own factory and we build many of our sofas from start to finish. Which means they can be altered to your individual needs. Sectional sofas are one of the many ways you can take advantage of this complete one-of-a-kind service. We possess all the tools to allow you to construct the perfect sectional sofa for your home.

At KC Sofas, we've over 100 choices of fabric sofas which can be adapted to sectional sofas. Each of our designs is available as a sectional piece with 2 seater, 3 seater, corner or footstool, we've even made custom shapes before. We have a huge selection of fabrics from sumptuous cord’s and velvets to extra hard wearing heavy woven fabrics. Lots of our customers who have already purchased sofas and chairs have recommended family and friends to take advantage of our unique sofa buying experience.

We have 3 large showrooms located in Sheffield Castleford and Lincoln and each is filled with our huge selection of sofas So, come on over and visit any of our showrooms to see the quality and feel the comfort for yourself then let our team of sofa gurus help you in creating and building the sofa of your dreams.

So, what are you waiting for? With so much variety, quick delivery, a great reputation, a confident guarantee and massive savings in our stores and online why would you go anywhere else?

For every sofa, come to KC Sofas!

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