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Special Offer - Large Corner Sofas for the whole family!

Christmas is coming! The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us and now is the perfect time to prepare your home for big jolly get-togethers with a large corner sofa. At KC Sofas, we not only give you a huge selection of designs, fabrics and colours to choose from, but also mind-blowing prices. Save up to £650 on your purchase! You will not only give the people that you love the most comfortable seating, but have the opportunity to spoil them with even more and bigger gifts.

Sofas the Whole Family Loves

Do you dream of the winter evenings when everyone sits together with a cup of hot chocolate or about Christmas morning when you all gather in the living room and unwrap the presents? Now you can make these moments even more special with a large corner sofa which will give each member of your family the much-deserved comfort. It has room for everyone and this makes the atmosphere even cosier.

Large corner sofas match perfectly living rooms of all sizes simply because they easily fit in the corner. There is no need to waste space that you simply don’t have. To help you actually save room, our sofas come with an innovative pod corner. The traditional right-angle corner is not designed to offer comfortable seating to a grown-up person so we decided to change this. You can now enjoy an angled seat which you can readily give to the person who’s always the centre of attention. That way, the fun is always guaranteed.

Spoiling Comfort and Great Durability

At KC Sofas, we offer only top-quality pieces of furniture which our customers will be able to enjoy for many years not only during the festive season, but every single day. Each element of their structure is designed to bring you the comfort that you want and to do its job properly for a long time to come.

Our corner sofas come with serpentine sprung bases. The springs are extremely strong and can bear great weight on a daily basis without deformation. You can be certain that you will get the support which you require. The solid timber frames of the sofas make them extremely durable. They can withstand even the toughest tests with happy children jumping on top.

Are you ready to learn the best part? All our large corner sofas come with a free foam upgrade! The high-density foam seats offer perfect support to the body and great comfort too. They don’t get flat over time. They don’t let the fabric upholstery get creased. When you get up after watching TV for several hours, the seats will simply bounce back. You will not have to engage in time-consuming fluffing. Another huge advantage of high-density foam is that it is hard-wearing. The seats can retain their shape and condition for decades. The best part is that you get all these fabulous benefits for free.

Overwhelmingly Large Selection

Check out our 50+ ranges of corner sofas. You can pick from a wide variety of designs to match your lifestyle and your family’s needs. Whether you prefer a classic design with an armrest at each end of the sofa or want one with a chaise section, which is great for reading books and watching films, we, at KC Sofas, have it all.

The choice of fabrics is even bigger. You can choose from more than 100 different options. You can choose to spoil yourself with something super plush or opt for a fabric which can withstand the active play of children. There is something for everyone.

Go over our large corner sofas, make a choice and save big time!


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