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Sofa Beds from only £399 with guaranteed Christmas delivery!

Christmas is coming fast, and with family staying over after a festive get-together this will be the perfect time to get yourself a brand-new sofa bed! Give your friends and family (even unexpected visitors) a comfy place to stay for the night, don’t let them walk home in the cold or drive in snow, our sofa beds have you covered. Why don’t you come on in and check out our range?

We have a huge selection; with choices of over 60 RANGES of sofa beds in over 100 FABRIC options so there will definitely be a sofa fit for your home and style, delivered to your door and made especially for you, giving it a more personal feel. Check out the swan, the funk, the burns or even the bigger ‘L’ shaped flamenco models for example. Not only is the range and design of our sofas incredibly huge, but they’re all extremely easy to use with a simple three stage pull out action, which means you’ll have your sofa bed set up in a matter of seconds with no mess. Just watch the short video below to see just how simple it is; by removing the sofa cushions you then have access to the bed itself. A pull on the bar will pull out the bed, in which you then fold out and let the bars rest on the floor in the room. How simple is that!

All of our sofa beds are serpentine sprung, which means they give you the firmest level of support for extra comfort. This gives it a higher level of support over coils, pockets, fish mouth and many other kinds of spring systems that you would find in other sofabed designs. These springs make a considerable difference in the comfort and experience of our beds, if you had to compare you would definitely notice a considerable difference in comfort.

If it’s sturdiness and durability you’re after, then our hardwood frames will be just thing you need. With a quality build in our sofa beds, you’ll be getting a strong lasting sofa of superior design. Don’t go for less durable designs; they will end up costing more in the long run and potentially be a huge fire risk if they’re made from cheaper materials!

Each of our sofa beds also come with a super comfortable eight-centimetre sprung luxury foam mattress, which flexibly folds in and out of your sofa easily. With a combination of sturdy serpentine springs and a luxury foam mattress, you can tell our beds were built for maximum comfort, so you can rest easy knowing your guests are happy and relaxed. They may even feel a little bit spoilt!

Don’t fear about getting your sofa too late; we have a guaranteed Christmas delivery on all of our sofas when ordered today, this is our promise. Don’t be let down this Christmas and show off just how welcoming and prepared you are for your guests: order today!

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