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Sectional Sofas - The easy way to fit a large sofa into your home

Almost all of our ranges of sofas can be made into different sections, ranging from just a simple two seater sofa design to a full large corner sofa for bigger rooms, so you’ll never run out of options when it comes to room and floor space for your new sofa. No matter how many guests you have coming through or how many members of your family are with you, we’ll have a sectional sofa that can be built to fit you all!

Our sectional sofas are especially great when you live in an apartment or have hard to access areas in your building. Where it would be incredibly difficult to move a full-size sofa into your living space, we can move it through the building with each section of the sofa piece by piece with absolute ease, as you could imagine this is much easier than attempting to move a full-size sofa through tight corridors and doorways. We construct your sofa right where you need it to be, this is done through connecting sofa clips together so that every section stays in place and is secure.

Another bonus to our sectional sofas is that if you ever move, whether it be from house to house or to an apartment, you can easily take the sofa with you by detaching the sofa clips as they are not permanently fixed. This allows you to move your sofa piece by piece just as we delivered it. At KC sofas, we will make sure that you have a sofa that you can take with you wherever you go, you’ll never need to be re-purchasing or throwing sofas away again. You’ll be surprised just how much easier it is moving a sectional sofa as opposed to a regular one.

If you want to have a look at some of our sectional sofas, take a look at our funk range, where we feature a sectional corner sofa and a four seater that can fit in almost any amount of floor space. Our designs are meant to fit for you, and we’ll make sure your new sofa will fit beautifully in your home.

We are definitely not limited to just one range, as our sectional sofas are available across many of our ranges. If you have any questions or want to enquire about a particular range or sectional sofa, feel free to call our friendly and professional sofa experts on 01977516705. We will provide you with any information you will need about any sofa you have in mind, whether it be size, shape, design, anything. If you’re nearby, why not pop into one of our stores to try before you buy, or even create your own custom sectional sofa today!

Visit our locations page for more details on our stores or contact us!
KC Sofas Sheffield
Unit 2 Midland Way,
Barlborough Links,
S43 4WW,
Tel: 01246 819000
KC Sofas Castleford
Wellington Street Business Park,
WF10 1NW,
Tel: 01977 517161
KC Sofas Lincoln
Unit 2, Farrier Road
Tel: 01522 689218

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