Protecting Your Investment - Staingard 5-Year Cover

Protecting Your Investment - Staingard 5-Year Cover

You’ve just got a wonderful cosy sofa from KC Sofas. Congratulations! Now it’s time to enjoy lazy evenings, happy family gatherings and more. But how do you protect your new piece of furniture? We’ve got you covered! With our Staingard 5-year cover, you can have complete peace of mind that no matter what happens, your investment will be safe. Find out more about this option. It offers a lot of benefits at a more than reasonable rate.

Complete Cover for Your New Sofa

Your newly purchased sofa will receive complete protection from all the bad things which can happen to it. The reality is that even if you are the most careful owner and provide impeccable maintenance, you are never completely safe from an accident. The examples are many and different. A friend may spill his wine while telling a very funny joke. Your otherwise well-behaved pet may be stressed out and do her business on your beloved piece of furniture. In situations like this, you would certainly want to have cover.

With a Staingard plan, you can cover your new sofa for 5 years, which is a very long time. You can readily check what adverse events it is covered for and you will discover that the list is quite comprehensive. The really great thing is that you can choose how much to cover it for up to the total original purchase price. That’s right, you can protect your new investment up to the last penny.

Amazingly Affordable Rates

You can cover your new sofa from only £30 per seat. If you do the math, you will discover that this is less than 1p per day. At that price, you can’t afford not to Just compare this rate to the protection that you will receive. It’s great to know that you will get all the required support in case something serious goes wrong with your favourite piece of furniture. This will help you to be even more relaxed when you sit in front of the television with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, when the kids play around and when your pet has decided to take advantage of the comfort offered too.

No Excess Charged

This brings the cost of the Staingard 5-year cover even further down. When there is a problem and you make a claim, you will not have to worry about taking any money out of your pocket. The reason why covers traditionally come with an excess is to force people to take care of minor issues by themselves. At KC Sofas, we want our customers to be fully protected in any kind of adverse situation, even it doesn’t appear to be particularly serious. This is how you can get a competent solution quickly and go back to enjoying everyday comfort in your living room before you know it.

Unlimited Call Outs

We all know too well that luck isn’t something constant and that it isn’t equally dispersed. That is why your chances of getting a problem solved will never be limited with the Staingard 5-year cover. You can make unlimited call outs during the term of the plan upto the original purchase value of the furniture. When we add this benefit to the affordable rate, the sofa cover becomes an absolute must-have.

Another huge advantage of this cover which you shouldn’t escape your attention is that your home insurance premiums will not get affected in any way when you claim. You will not be viewed as a riskier customer by the underwriter and you can expect to continue to pay the same rate as before. This will surely give you complete peace of mind.

Ask one of our Sofa experts how you can benefit from one of our Staingard complete protection plans.

Cover your sofa and enjoy it fully without any worries!

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