Genuine Italian Leather Sofas - Pure Luxury, Maximum Comfort

Genuine Italian Leather Sofas - Pure Luxury, Maximum Comfort

Savannah Italian Leather Sofa

Whether you prefer to relax with a glass of wine, play with the kids or throw big parties in your living room, a genuine Italian leather sofa could be the ideal piece of furniture for you. It’s beautiful, durable, and above all, super comfortable. You’d love it.

How do I get one? Find out about the built-to-order genuine Italian leather sofas offered by KC Sofas. The skilled craftsman of New Trend Concepts build them by hand in Italy. The company has over 30 years of experience and uses the finest materials to produce truly outstanding creations.

Enjoy Pampering Every Day 

Sit on a sofa which is soft and comfortable while providing the support which your body requires. Feel the touch of leather, which is as smooth as butter. This is because every inch of our sofas is covered with luxury Italian hide. Forget about imitations made with split-leather or PVC.

Did you know that genuine Italian leather adapts to the temperature of the body in just over 10 seconds? You will never feel cold or hot when you are sitting. The comfort of the body is the number one factor for blissful relaxation. The double sprung seat system of the genuine Italian leather sofas guarantees that you will never sink down and get pain in your lower back.

Want to put your feet up to read the newspaper or take a short nap? Take advantage of the reclining feature. You can choose from manual, electric and tilt & rise reclining actions, depending on your preferences. The German reclining actions used by the Italian craftsmen are reliable and exceptionally strong.

Getting Better with Age

Genuine Italian leather is the most durable material used for making seating furniture. It is four times more durable compared to upholstery, for example. Given that the genuine Italian leather sofas made by New Trend Concepts are pocket-sprung with serpentine springs, you can expect them to last a lifetime and even longer. They not only continue to bring the same comfort and body support as the years pass, but become part of the family’s history. They get better with age, just like Italian wine.

All creations of the company are backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. The really great thing is that they don’t require any special care to bring you joy for decades. Occasional dusting and  a twice yearly wipe over with Leather Master moisturising and conditioning wipes to keep the leather lovely and soft. We can supply these wipes for a small cost.

Your Sofa, Your Style

Are you dreaming of a classic 3-seater, a huge corner sofa or a riser reclining chair? When you order a custom leather sofa made in Italy, you can choose from over 150 different designs and more than 50 colours. Grade A to F leather is available.

How do you place an order? You can check out the different models available at any KC Sofas outlet or online. When you place an order for a genuine Italian leather sofa you can pay in full or just pay a 10% deposit, then pay the remainder when your new sofa is delivered and you're happy. The average delivery time is between 6 and 8 weeks. Which is fantastic for a made to order product with so many options.

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