Free Furniture Collection in Partnership with The British Heart Foundation

Free Furniture Collection in Partnership with The British Heart Foundation

Free Furniture Collection - Sheffield | Lincoln | Castleford - British Heart Foundation

One of the challenges our customers are often faced with when buying a new sofa, is what to do with the old one? So, your sofas started to get a little too old and a bit worn for comfort. Over time, fabric sofas can become covered in tears whilst leather cracks and discolours. Whilst there are products on the market that you can use to maintain your sofa as best you can, sometimes it’s not even the aesthetics that are cause for replacement; over time, cheap sofas can sag and sink and even your favourite spot can become a little less comfortable over time.

Disposing of a sofa however comes with responsibility. There are numerous ways you can get rid; for example, you could pay the local council (that’s right, they won’t take it for free), or perhaps use an authorised waste carrier. You could leave it outside in hopes someone fancies it in their living room, which is all good until it rains and you’re left with a soggy fabric sofa in your front garden.

To combat this issue, KC Sofas have partnered all of our stores with the British Heart Foundation and are able to offer a collection service at no cost to you! Subject to terms and conditions (of which can be found at the bottom of this post), the BHF will collect your sofa (or any old furniture for that matter), recycle, and sell it in one of their charity shops. All proceeds go to fund the great work they do – could you really find a better way to dispose of your sofa? You’ll feel great sat on your comfy new sofa knowing that your old one has gone to a fantastic and worthy cause. All just part of the service when you shop at KC Sofas.

If you’d like to check if you would be eligible to have your sofa, or any other furniture removed by the British Heart Foundation, please get in touch with one of our team who would be happy to help. We thank all our customers both old and new who decide to use this service as it really does help a worthy cause.

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