STOP AND CHECK! Does your sofa conform to British safety standards?

STOP AND CHECK! Does your sofa conform to British safety standards?


In the video below, you can see two ‘identical’ sofas built to two different safety standards; British and European. As you can see, the European sofas aren’t built to the same standard set in Britain; cheaper sofas bought online may pose a much higher fire safety risk, putting you and your family in more danger.

As we test the two sofas, we see that flames start to appear on the European standard sofa in just four seconds. This fire then turns into a blaze in no more than three to five minutes. On the other hand, the sofa built to the UK safety standard doesn’t set alight as easy, and doesn’t reach full blaze anywhere near as fast as the European standard sofa. The fire is mostly contained to the centre of the sofa, and because of the fire retardant coating applied to the fabric and fillings it doesn’t spread anywhere near as fast. The differences in fire safety and build are shockingly apparent, and proves that the European upholstery standards is not set as high as British standards.

With darker nights setting in, our sofas are used more than ever as we settle in for the evening with potential fire hazards such as candles, fairy lights and electronic devices. In the unlikely event of an accident or a malfunctioning device catching fire, time is of the essence for your families safety, so we believe it is incredibly important to have a sofa built to the British safety standards. These standards ensure the sofas are more flame retardant, with a survival time of 15-20 minutes rather than European sofas at 3-5 minutes. It takes around a minute for a fire alarm to sound after the fire has started and a fire brigade roughly 7 to 10 minutes to reach your home, these minutes can be all it takes to get to safety and stop your home and possessions being destroyed!

Don’t put your loved ones at risk with poorer European standards! Cheaper prices mean cheaper materials, non fire retardant fabrics and fillings, which means a product which in most cases is highly combustable and of lesser quality.

At KC Sofas, each and every sofa we produce conforms to the higher British standard. Each sofa is manufactured from fabric's and fillings that have been treated with a fire retardant coating.  So you can ensure you and your home is in much safer hands.

Remember, stop and check your sofa’s fire tags to make sure you know what standards your sofa is built to. These are usually located under the seat cushions or on a “hanging tag” as shown above. If in doubt, always refuse delivery! It is not worth the risk, so never take it!

So …. Does that cheap sofa online still seem like a good idea?

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