Buying a sofa bed? Look no further!

Buying a sofa bed? Look no further!

Family staying over for the weekend? Kids having sleepover? Friend crashing on the couch? Whatever the occasion we have the sofa bed for you! With plenty of styles, colours and sizes we have a huge range of sofa beds so there’s something for everyone, it’s just a matter of picking out the right one for yourself.

When choosing the right sofa bed, it’s important to consider a few things. Firstly, it may sound obvious but you want to make sure whichever it is you pick out is going to fit where you want it to, in both sofa and bed form and that’s there’s plenty of space to freely move around for easy access once it is open. If you have the room you can even consider footstools or even a corner sofa.

Who will use the sofa? If you plan on having couples use one when staying over you want to make sure that its comfy with ample room and a three seater may be best suited. Or if it’s mainly children or singles a smaller two seater may be fine but whoever will be using it, comfort is always key, you don’t want your guests to spend the night on an uncomfortable sofa with metal digging into their back all night.

Will it be in the guest room tucked away for the most part? Then you’ll want to make the mattress your main focus. Make sure that it has a nice, thick and comfy base and that you test it to make sure you’re happy with it just like you would a normal mattress. Or is it going to be placed in your living or family room to use as an everyday sofa? Then Style and design should be considered without any compromise in comfort. It needs to be beautiful and stylish yet durable. Something you want to spend your evenings cuddled up on, that looks great in your room!

What style and material to choose? With so many options to choose from it can be tricky to narrow down what you want. Leather or fabric? Traditional or modern? So many choices! Whatever it is you’re looking for we have it all! Each sofa we create has an easy pull out action mechanism to make switching from bed to sofa quick and easy. You can see how easy it is for yourself here.

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