KC Sofas are now online!

KC Sofas are now online!

Following the successful expansion of our retail estate we finally took the plunge and decided to offer our fantastic products and savings via our new online store!

We currently have 3 massively successful stores located in: Castleford, Chesterfield and Lincoln. 

We offer high street designs at factory prices. You're always saving with KC Sofas. Many online retailers don't have the luxury of a retail outlet. But at KC Sofas you can "Try before you buy" by visiting one of our stores. 

Why are our prices so low? We partner direct with the factories to allow us to pass the savings onto you. We are a small team, we only ever advertise on Facebook and our stores are in out of town locations. All these factors keep our running costs extremely low. Allowing us to keep our prices extremely low and very competitive. 

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